Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


      Dripping sadness a loaded gun with one bullet a Rag dall with no tears
        She wants a smoke weed to ease the broken heart 
       SAD, Blue , crying broken DEAD INSIDE....
      Zipped lips sewed up hurting like a slow death 
         Of confusion turning into muck dirt.....
        Alcohol, anorexia, drug taking pill popin junkie 
       Living in the  sad shadows... A puppet on strings 
          Wishing upon a star, looking 4 a map a way out...

      Hurting from silence after silence into the night or day of gloom
        The bitterness turns into waiting 4death...
       Coldness, emptiness, of nothingness....
          Happiness an joy turn into a ball of sadness in the dark 
        Emotions an feelings turn into a rock that's dead....
        Cold ice cubs, of steal an fire burning....

        She dies every minute slower an slower inside 
          Where  the world can't see where her heart breaks 
         And her gray soul live she dies of sadness, boredom, depression 
        As her heart turns black and cold burns an breaks 
           Like glass into sadness.... A loaded gun with one bullet 
         A cup full jack with one cold cub of ice broken inside an outside 
               Click click click click BANG!!!

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