Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Sunday, August 1, 2010


  watching me burn
  they cut me open with their eyes
  I don't give a dam
   about what they say or think .....
love is dripping
      from my heart
butterflies all over
 but who is someone like me?
when the stars are shinning bright
when dreams are taking over ...

Do I know who I am ?
when the magic in me
turns into gold like poof
while zipping a few drinks, beers
under the moon lit stars
SUMMER nights listening to
blue grass, banjo music the bluzz
that's singing my story
saying all the words that I can't
while my 5 senses come ALIVE
and doubts fade away
disco, techno, grooving on the sidewalk, 4 the night
no broken records
 and the past is put away, the demands are gone

Only my heart and soul
is on the line
 I'll never be the same again
what's the name of the club
just dance coyote ugly
letting the boyz at the bar
buy me drinks all night
cuz I have the magic in me
turning those words into gold
so they can take me home with them
Summer hasn't gotten any hotter .....