Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Monday, August 24, 2009

Night Music 89.3

Someone save her?
what is she looking for, deep within?
is it Divine wisdom, knowledge a
pure strong heart, warming- electrifying
everlasting love ? an
extreme, exhilarating, amazing
breath taking adventure ?
afraid of life no,
but of the un lived life ?
it's up to her to do what she
wants with it ?
with all those million, trillion, billion
day's? that wont last forever, while time ticks?

pitchers of her and him
come alive like magic
sparkling one more time
how they use to radiate ?
what they use to do ?
what they use to be ?
bring golden tears to her ?
brown eyes ......
trying to catch life
by the hand .....
along with the time, sec, minutes, days , months ,
years....that fly by to the ends of the earth?
wishing he was hers
day or night
when the seasons change
summer, winter, rain or shine ....
Thursday through Friday ....

The visionary, revolutionary,
road of life that comes and goes as it pleases ?
becoming someone else
Seeing all that she needs to see?
Doing all that she needs to do ?
Being all that she needs to be
on this earth ?

The red candy apple
naked TREE
the shadow.....
telling her life's
story, wisdom
the wonder years
are gone moving along ....
the sound of silence
blowing the faith
that comes from the soul
blowing it away into the magical sky?
blowing the time and years
into the northern lights
in the sky?
into candy gum stars
flouting into the night
where midnight music lies ?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

College Chica ...

Dear journal- books to the sky, numbers, knowledge flouting?
A daydreamer of time, in the now of time?
A red bug, car called little poet.....
climbing her way to the top
with a dream to chase? a life to Chase ?
The days of her life ...are? will be, never will be?
With her broken heart and almost a lost soul ....
in this road called life?
The River Of Dreams
The Tree Of Wisdom, Knowledge
The Road Of Life .....
comprehending slowly what it means ....
growing old, growing up ....
east, west, north, south
her destination is nowhere, while the world is spinning?

Her ripped jeans
a lucky golden ring, penny
her red converse
a dollar in her back pocket
her hair loose, free, wild
a smoke for the road, a wink four him
the cute guy at the bar? coffee shop
an invitation to cross the line
come over?

On the run from life, wishing she can have, whatever she likes?
but never empty handed?
nowhere to hide, run a dead end ?
from the past, future, present, and time its self ....
the good times you see in a photo album
and the bad once you don't see
up at 3 am with a list of a
zillion things to do before she dies ...
a nightmare of being nothing, no one
with everything slipping away?
that wont let her sleep the nights away?

But love isn't free, knowledge too only wisdom?
they say it's an infatuation she's feeling
when she crawls into his brown eyes
and gets excited.
when she tastes his sweet, sugary lips on hers?
his soft, warm, wet kisses;
under the moon, that melt her heart away.
and when she falls she falls?
but it hurts like getting hit with a rock .....
but she's still addicted to the love
and all the little games she has to play?

Just her pin and paper, the love of her life?
bending backwards....
to see it all come together, fall apart
Losing sleep
Gaining weight
Reality hitting her ..
Getting old, Growing up
The clock ticking away .....
words lost and found ?
the silence becomes the noise
love's the root to all good? money is the root to all evil?

on the edge, a rush and thrill?
the stars tell her
who she is, what life is about ?
when her dreams come true,
and streetlights come on ....
does she know who she is ?
when she flouts on
to the other side of the moon .....
where pop rock kisses are sweet
and the nights are smooth
the days are blue ........
the years are magical
full of wonder, and lot's of things?