Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Monday, November 30, 2009


Holes in the cracks of her soul shoes .....
a dripping bleeding heart ? an empty cookie jar?
full of sorrow silver apples, golden chocolate?
no poetry bleeding inside, as the years fly by?
drunk, high, stoned feeling down?
her weakness is that she cares ....can't fight the tears back ?
the walls are breathing, talking ?
but she's still turning the pages, on that photo album ?
wanting to let go, but can't ....
reading the deep poetry, in her yearbooks ?
the stuff they wrote over the years....
that left marks in her soul, heart ...
the things she said and didn't say ......
the past comes back to life, on her walls ?
faces projecting images on her walls ......
in black and gray like a slide show, of the crooked, sad, good memories ......
that come to life, replaying over an over an over ?
that kill the soul, heart and never leave .....
The windows are open, zoning out, fading away with the wind....
but the stars are falling, and the sky too?
but bridges that she's burned over time ....
the years that went under them ?
like a ray of light, time standing still ?
not running away, but doesn't want to know ?
about sad poetry .......
the sadness dripping from her heart and soul ....
on her own NOW, wishing she can ride a horse
to the valley of the moon? where the good life starts?
but can she survive ......
the sad poetry - NO poetry at all.....
socking in love that has no poetry ?
where she came from, is not where she's going....
so what are sweet dreams made of ?
is everybody looking for something ?
is there logic out there, that makes sense ?
laughing more often back then, missing the good times,
but no one will ever know her.....
nd thatdoesn't want to remember ?
but wants to rewrite the story
with a perfect ending ...........
burning up the past,
she doesn't need it? to tell her who she is ?
it will always come back ?
moving on, being on her way ?
without being scared ?
of perfect, real poetry

Monday, November 16, 2009

GOD 101 ....

It always come back to love ?
when your wings are cut, god will be there?
when your lost in life, god will be there?
when no one picks up the phone, on the other side?
when you lose in life, and are confused
God will be there ?
he'll be your friend in the end .......

But the challenge happens, when your inside looking out ?
when you walk through the valley, and the shadow of death ?
"fear no evil"? is what the preachers say....
when your cries, prayers, wants, and needs aren't met right away ?
so you question God, and analyze your faith, and religion ?
but some how you find, a better way to live your life ?
without lies, hate, where you give willingly, truly forgive, and let go ?

Climbing the mountain of faith, it always comes back to love ?
because when you lose your way ?
find your way to GOD? he'll be there? he'll love you no matter what?
gravitate to GOD ?
because he should be number 1 on your list to all good?
also on the road to happiness, along with
love, faith, and hope?
that your life is? will be? a master peace, of a golden book?
completed from start to finish ?
and in your after life, you go to havean ?
for all the good things you did, in your lifetime? on earth?
your born?
you live
you learn ? and you die?
it aways comes back to love, without it you can't live, I don't think?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


DRUGS and SEX is over rated
when talking leads to touching?
and touching leads to sex?
How could she make herself stop crying
because she wanted him so much?
How could she make herself move on
when she still loved him?
his brown eyes, sweet words,
the smell of him, in every dream,
he was the divinest thing she had,
the perfect, POET, sex GOD ?
So how could she let go?
he was her light in the DARK ?
like the STARS and MOON
like LOVE an PEACE in her heart?
Falling in an out of love?
sweeping her off her feet ?
she put her bleeding heart, in his hands ?
so why couldn't he sail, away with her ?
It takes time ?
to open up a HEART, and a box of DREAMS ?
her only drug, was his love?
she only wanted to see him smile....
all the things they could have been ?
but she's looking for love
in all the wrong places, in the dead winter cold?
when the colorful leaves are gone?
from the magical trees...
she falls to the SNOW, hard ICE.....
WINTER hauling, killing her?
SUMMER loving, she can't take it?
The stars an moon shinning? the rain dripping?
if it was as easy, as saying 123?
saying "I love you"?
then love could last forever, so perfect in her world?
Looking back at those days?
she fell in love with him,
for a million, billion, reasons ?
but if she wanted love, why couldn't she get it?
if it wasn't in doubt ?
so what is love ?
is it hot ice, melting away her heart and soul ?
when the ROOTS of love GROW .....
from the depths of the
SOUL an HEART like plants?
love is the root to all good?
but sometimes it kills?
because it is to good, you can't explain ?
with a thousand words?
love is over rated when your young?
and your heart can't take it?
the sadness, sorrow, pain, heartache?
but in time it will mend, but time feels like
forever when your a kid, a virgin,
a Rookie, new to this game called,
love .....

Friday, November 6, 2009


Trying to hold up the world by a thread
as the colors slip away with time
the days, years with sadness, a cold breeze
into the dark they go
like a sweet dream or a nightmare
in the lonely days of her life
the sadness, boredom hits like a gun shot,
through her silver golden heart
life is liquefied to a river of emotions .....

stoned, suicidal cutting herself, to Mozart, Beethoven, bock.....
bleeding playing movies in her head ?
of old sad memories, taking it all in ?
driving so fucken far away?
but some how ? they always came back, taking everything...
and the sorrow is 100 x 100 ?
the sad ocean of emotion's ?
all the things that made, make her, cry, happy, sad, sweat, fall
panic, scream, die inside.....
the battle of the mind, the empty hole inside,
the peaces of the puzzle, that need to be put together?
the loaded gun with one bullet, the words, fingerprints left behind?
but the sorrow, pain sadness of life
is in the details of her little little life, that doesn't mean much ....?
in the palm of her hands
finger nails, her brown eyes,
her face that drips like liquid, every time she looks at her reflection ....
it's in her thoughts, soul, heart
in her words of the truth ?
the words she speaks of, about life in all....
the things that make her who she is?
thats where the sadness sits, inside killing her?
cuz on the outside life is perfect, a fake.......