Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 His phone number and voice
      on the other side of the line...
the sweet spoken words
  soft, glittering mind stimulating
    eatable, melting, delicious...

  His eyes dazzling,
 sparkling, mesmerizing
    to die for...
crawling into his eyes
   nothing but heartwarming
and pounding heart beats...

His lips bitter, spicy, bubble gum
  honey sweet, soothing
    rough and kissable
music to her lips
  the way they speak to her
like they want to do something
 great, unpredictable,

His perfect fit of nakedness
  awkwardness, rubbing, pressing
up against her naked skin
 making movement's of
   of sweet ocean waves  
is not easy when Ur trapped
 almost in a sweet dream
    of making love
with every kiss and touch
 of tenderness, roughness,
that can't be explained
   only tasted, lived
by all 5 senses