Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Monday, November 30, 2009


Holes in the cracks of her soul shoes .....
a dripping bleeding heart ? an empty cookie jar?
full of sorrow silver apples, golden chocolate?
no poetry bleeding inside, as the years fly by?
drunk, high, stoned feeling down?
her weakness is that she cares ....can't fight the tears back ?
the walls are breathing, talking ?
but she's still turning the pages, on that photo album ?
wanting to let go, but can't ....
reading the deep poetry, in her yearbooks ?
the stuff they wrote over the years....
that left marks in her soul, heart ...
the things she said and didn't say ......
the past comes back to life, on her walls ?
faces projecting images on her walls ......
in black and gray like a slide show, of the crooked, sad, good memories ......
that come to life, replaying over an over an over ?
that kill the soul, heart and never leave .....
The windows are open, zoning out, fading away with the wind....
but the stars are falling, and the sky too?
but bridges that she's burned over time ....
the years that went under them ?
like a ray of light, time standing still ?
not running away, but doesn't want to know ?
about sad poetry .......
the sadness dripping from her heart and soul ....
on her own NOW, wishing she can ride a horse
to the valley of the moon? where the good life starts?
but can she survive ......
the sad poetry - NO poetry at all.....
socking in love that has no poetry ?
where she came from, is not where she's going....
so what are sweet dreams made of ?
is everybody looking for something ?
is there logic out there, that makes sense ?
laughing more often back then, missing the good times,
but no one will ever know her.....
nd thatdoesn't want to remember ?
but wants to rewrite the story
with a perfect ending ...........
burning up the past,
she doesn't need it? to tell her who she is ?
it will always come back ?
moving on, being on her way ?
without being scared ?
of perfect, real poetry

Monday, November 16, 2009

GOD 101 ....

It always come back to love ?
when your wings are cut, god will be there?
when your lost in life, god will be there?
when no one picks up the phone, on the other side?
when you lose in life, and are confused
God will be there ?
he'll be your friend in the end .......

But the challenge happens, when your inside looking out ?
when you walk through the valley, and the shadow of death ?
"fear no evil"? is what the preachers say....
when your cries, prayers, wants, and needs aren't met right away ?
so you question God, and analyze your faith, and religion ?
but some how you find, a better way to live your life ?
without lies, hate, where you give willingly, truly forgive, and let go ?

Climbing the mountain of faith, it always comes back to love ?
because when you lose your way ?
find your way to GOD? he'll be there? he'll love you no matter what?
gravitate to GOD ?
because he should be number 1 on your list to all good?
also on the road to happiness, along with
love, faith, and hope?
that your life is? will be? a master peace, of a golden book?
completed from start to finish ?
and in your after life, you go to havean ?
for all the good things you did, in your lifetime? on earth?
your born?
you live
you learn ? and you die?
it aways comes back to love, without it you can't live, I don't think?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


DRUGS and SEX is over rated
when talking leads to touching?
and touching leads to sex?
How could she make herself stop crying
because she wanted him so much?
How could she make herself move on
when she still loved him?
his brown eyes, sweet words,
the smell of him, in every dream,
he was the divinest thing she had,
the perfect, POET, sex GOD ?
So how could she let go?
he was her light in the DARK ?
like the STARS and MOON
like LOVE an PEACE in her heart?
Falling in an out of love?
sweeping her off her feet ?
she put her bleeding heart, in his hands ?
so why couldn't he sail, away with her ?
It takes time ?
to open up a HEART, and a box of DREAMS ?
her only drug, was his love?
she only wanted to see him smile....
all the things they could have been ?
but she's looking for love
in all the wrong places, in the dead winter cold?
when the colorful leaves are gone?
from the magical trees...
she falls to the SNOW, hard ICE.....
WINTER hauling, killing her?
SUMMER loving, she can't take it?
The stars an moon shinning? the rain dripping?
if it was as easy, as saying 123?
saying "I love you"?
then love could last forever, so perfect in her world?
Looking back at those days?
she fell in love with him,
for a million, billion, reasons ?
but if she wanted love, why couldn't she get it?
if it wasn't in doubt ?
so what is love ?
is it hot ice, melting away her heart and soul ?
when the ROOTS of love GROW .....
from the depths of the
SOUL an HEART like plants?
love is the root to all good?
but sometimes it kills?
because it is to good, you can't explain ?
with a thousand words?
love is over rated when your young?
and your heart can't take it?
the sadness, sorrow, pain, heartache?
but in time it will mend, but time feels like
forever when your a kid, a virgin,
a Rookie, new to this game called,
love .....

Friday, November 6, 2009


Trying to hold up the world by a thread
as the colors slip away with time
the days, years with sadness, a cold breeze
into the dark they go
like a sweet dream or a nightmare
in the lonely days of her life
the sadness, boredom hits like a gun shot,
through her silver golden heart
life is liquefied to a river of emotions .....

stoned, suicidal cutting herself, to Mozart, Beethoven, bock.....
bleeding playing movies in her head ?
of old sad memories, taking it all in ?
driving so fucken far away?
but some how ? they always came back, taking everything...
and the sorrow is 100 x 100 ?
the sad ocean of emotion's ?
all the things that made, make her, cry, happy, sad, sweat, fall
panic, scream, die inside.....
the battle of the mind, the empty hole inside,
the peaces of the puzzle, that need to be put together?
the loaded gun with one bullet, the words, fingerprints left behind?
but the sorrow, pain sadness of life
is in the details of her little little life, that doesn't mean much ....?
in the palm of her hands
finger nails, her brown eyes,
her face that drips like liquid, every time she looks at her reflection ....
it's in her thoughts, soul, heart
in her words of the truth ?
the words she speaks of, about life in all....
the things that make her who she is?
thats where the sadness sits, inside killing her?
cuz on the outside life is perfect, a fake.......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

* Kiss Click Bang *

Boo! the wisdom is in the silent, depressing trees,
the soft night blue, gray, black sky ....
in the moon with the face, that glows .....in the stars so bright ...
but lost of self identity, the poetic suicidal words, that linger in the air?
feelings, emotions that crash against the rocks, like the ocean waves ?
but kiss, click, bang the sound of a bullet in the rain, will the sorrow go away ?
Vodka, JD, Whisky, the nights aren't wasted, they're lived ?
the drugs sink in and hit the spot ......
weed, pot sniff sniff meth an coke .....patron, Smirnoff, UV on ICE,
mending the sorrow away ?
shooting the gun or not - fucking or not ?
a rubber condom on a dick, drip drip multiple orgasms in the the sack ?
intertwining together.........
masturbation is not a crime........
but not making your own happiness, could be one day?

Love, drinking, fucking- a rush and thrill- a virgin trying to break free.....
abstinence is 100 % safe
multiply pills x condoms = 70 to 80 % safe?
not a math major- to say at all....?
arithmetic's, mathematical division, chemistry, science and biology ....
= a Soc/phys major were they all intertwine .....
lost in a jar of pure virginity, innocence, pure magic ?
were clocks don't exist ? taking the focus out of the now?
but used and abused, no one will ever know anyone ?
her soul cries, his heart bleeds, the chain of love ?
she loves him, his heart wants her, but she wants that guy ?
so the rules of attraction intertwine with the rules of love ?
so were is the honesty, truth in it all ......

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Believing is the key to the soul an heart?
but flying is the hardest, when her feet are deep rooted?
when her wings are cut? and her lips are swollen ....
for she who does not read, will not be wise?
intellectual, smart, perfect and full of knowledge?
but rather ignorant, not well rounded ......
powerless, useless, and UN educated ......

But running from life
with depression, smoke in an empty Jar .....
like a sweet, sad lullaby ?
but a few dints, cuts, scrapes hurt deep inside ......
as perfection, wisdom , mathematical sex, knowledge,
and liquid writing, become an obsession......
for a pure virgin hoping for better luck in the sack.....
for a rock en roll, poet, sex god .....
so as for being sexually frustrated, to being curious about
masturbation, giving BJ's, kissing a guy, and making love to him ....
it's depressing, when she doesn't know where to start .....

But a murder of the soul and heart ?
for it is in sorrow, melting away.......
as the pain drips from her fingers and her eyes .....
the sadness that slips from her mouth ?
so may an angel save her......
for the stars are so dead, and have lost their brightness.....
but for love is what puts everything together .......
holds it tight, for it always comes back to love ?
when the sun doesn't shine, everything falls apart,
angels can't fly, when the road gets dark, the seasons change,
hope, faith is lost, the world isn't fare, and no one is on your side....
it always comes back to love ........

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Patron, Smirnoff on ice, tipsy tipsy drunk
breaking all the rules ?
every drink she takes, she sees the world, for what it is?
puffing the magic dragon away
hitting, zipping, the bottle alone, in the dark ....
filling up the empty hole inside alone
feeling alive now ?
sharp objects ripping, through her insides
coming undone has never felt so good .....

the days she has lived? and hasn't ?
the things she didn't do ? or did do ?
they appeared like an illusion ?
flouting through the empty, mellow, silent, streets at night ......
telling her the truth ?
but she hears trees talking to her,
begging her to take another drink, of booze ....
shot after shot to the point, where tears come ?
small things become big ? if only her life could have been?

so far gone, high, stoned, drunk
that the past and the future come back to get her ?
but cars, clouds, voices are talking to her ?
but she laughs and giggles like a mad person, while the world sleeps.....
singing songs she doesn't know? dancing with life the night....
spinning around and around, mending the pain, cuts, sorrow ?
with a bottle of patron, Smirnoff and a bag of weed.....

thinking he's cute and eatable? like smooth mango lipstick ?
blue, green, eyeshadow ?
but making her way down to his "oh" making it last all night long ?
like a warm apple pie? hot bubble bath? a strawberry chocolate cake ?
with every bite an orgasm is felt, from head to toe?
intoxicated trying to hit a home run, saying no and yes ?
but somehow is still a virgin, and pressure is still on ?
and the world thinks, she's on ?
but all she knows is that she's
hungry, horny, and tired? thinking like what the fuck ?
that if maybe her life, turned out right? she could be free to be her ?
on this road called her life ........

Monday, September 14, 2009

Virgin Soul

Drink the nights away?
tears of a virgin soul ....
the darkness, sorrow in her virgin soul
filling up like smoke in a jar ......
like the snow, winter chills ?
blooming flowers, in the summer?
falling like the colorful leaves,
from the naked trees, in the fall?
falling like the gray doted
rain, a colorful rainbow?
so ease the virgin heart, soul
with hot ice
for it cannot heal with
bubbles and chocolate
but pure, warm, soft, wet, sticky
horny,virgin love.....

The pain of being very good
hurts.Depressing to a virgin
whos never gotten dirty or been bad ?
like a *itch,
where no one can see?
like burning in the oven.
like a California fire
that needs to be put out.
like a virgin candle so hot, melting.
It's like a
flower, rose garden? in the summer.
needs to be watered down, for being so dry, hot....
needs to be put out with.....
1000 sweet, honey, sugar kisses .......
needs to be touched,
rubbed down right, polished,
like a delicate, fragile
golden glass pitcher ?
in a glass frame?

A virgin soul .....
needs to be fed with
faith, hope, love
a push and a pull
day in day out
needs to be fed with?
a poet with glowing eyes
and pure,warm love .....
soft, warm, wet, kisses
and magical beauty ?
that electrifys every
inch of her ? gets her
excited when she crawls
into his loving eyes ?
and feels
the window to his amazing,
wonderful, beautiful soul ?
like chocolate on a sad day,
an orgasm at some point in life?
and mind, blowing sex on a perfect day ?
from head to toe ?
to be tasted, loved, and pleasured ?

The virgin soul needs to be
fed with
inspiration, passion, dreams,
and desire?
to keep moving on
the virgin soul is hurting,
because it's just,
living in the upside down
world ? with no love,
with life being 10x more complicated?
then its heart, and soul......

Monday, August 24, 2009

Night Music 89.3

Someone save her?
what is she looking for, deep within?
is it Divine wisdom, knowledge a
pure strong heart, warming- electrifying
everlasting love ? an
extreme, exhilarating, amazing
breath taking adventure ?
afraid of life no,
but of the un lived life ?
it's up to her to do what she
wants with it ?
with all those million, trillion, billion
day's? that wont last forever, while time ticks?

pitchers of her and him
come alive like magic
sparkling one more time
how they use to radiate ?
what they use to do ?
what they use to be ?
bring golden tears to her ?
brown eyes ......
trying to catch life
by the hand .....
along with the time, sec, minutes, days , months ,
years....that fly by to the ends of the earth?
wishing he was hers
day or night
when the seasons change
summer, winter, rain or shine ....
Thursday through Friday ....

The visionary, revolutionary,
road of life that comes and goes as it pleases ?
becoming someone else
Seeing all that she needs to see?
Doing all that she needs to do ?
Being all that she needs to be
on this earth ?

The red candy apple
naked TREE
the shadow.....
telling her life's
story, wisdom
the wonder years
are gone moving along ....
the sound of silence
blowing the faith
that comes from the soul
blowing it away into the magical sky?
blowing the time and years
into the northern lights
in the sky?
into candy gum stars
flouting into the night
where midnight music lies ?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

College Chica ...

Dear journal- books to the sky, numbers, knowledge flouting?
A daydreamer of time, in the now of time?
A red bug, car called little poet.....
climbing her way to the top
with a dream to chase? a life to Chase ?
The days of her life ...are? will be, never will be?
With her broken heart and almost a lost soul ....
in this road called life?
The River Of Dreams
The Tree Of Wisdom, Knowledge
The Road Of Life .....
comprehending slowly what it means ....
growing old, growing up ....
east, west, north, south
her destination is nowhere, while the world is spinning?

Her ripped jeans
a lucky golden ring, penny
her red converse
a dollar in her back pocket
her hair loose, free, wild
a smoke for the road, a wink four him
the cute guy at the bar? coffee shop
an invitation to cross the line
come over?

On the run from life, wishing she can have, whatever she likes?
but never empty handed?
nowhere to hide, run a dead end ?
from the past, future, present, and time its self ....
the good times you see in a photo album
and the bad once you don't see
up at 3 am with a list of a
zillion things to do before she dies ...
a nightmare of being nothing, no one
with everything slipping away?
that wont let her sleep the nights away?

But love isn't free, knowledge too only wisdom?
they say it's an infatuation she's feeling
when she crawls into his brown eyes
and gets excited.
when she tastes his sweet, sugary lips on hers?
his soft, warm, wet kisses;
under the moon, that melt her heart away.
and when she falls she falls?
but it hurts like getting hit with a rock .....
but she's still addicted to the love
and all the little games she has to play?

Just her pin and paper, the love of her life?
bending backwards....
to see it all come together, fall apart
Losing sleep
Gaining weight
Reality hitting her ..
Getting old, Growing up
The clock ticking away .....
words lost and found ?
the silence becomes the noise
love's the root to all good? money is the root to all evil?

on the edge, a rush and thrill?
the stars tell her
who she is, what life is about ?
when her dreams come true,
and streetlights come on ....
does she know who she is ?
when she flouts on
to the other side of the moon .....
where pop rock kisses are sweet
and the nights are smooth
the days are blue ........
the years are magical
full of wonder, and lot's of things?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


In the south side the seasons change and go by like.......
atom, fall, spring, summer, and winter ..
finding love on the south side
is like a ( west side story ) a (Romeo * Juliet story)
easy to find but hard to keep, - hold on to ......

(38 Street) -Hiawatha- Minnehaha
where the traffic rolls, an cruses from end to end
on Monday morning
and the coffee shop opens at 7am
lunch is served, at the famous
rib place at noon
but the party starts at the corner bar
on the weeken at 8 pm Fri, Sat, Sun.....
the people you find on the train at 2 am ....
the high school kids that own
the football, baseball fields, 38Th street, the night life
Cruzing the streets, cuz they will never be on top again
like they once did, in the .....
school year ..... where dreams are dreams that fly on
where hearts and souls have a story to tell ........

But( Uptown )- Lyn dale- Franklin
is where the locals sit......
the intellectual coffee geniuses sit .....
talk about the earth, saving the earth.....
turning everything green, talk about political, economical things .......
where bickers, outdoor groovers, skateboarder, college punks
Cruz the streets in the summer ...
where mellow underground bands play.
old school records spin, Cruz there not dead yet
people having a few beers ....
grooving to old school music ...
like Motown -Madonna -The Rolling Stones- The Beatles, Arowsmith .....
where diversity sits all around
and Lot's of community Art sits - and mosaics ....
where the time is now, lost in reading good books
reading the monday morning paper ......

But (Downtown )- cedar riverside ....
is where life is great, and money flows, in the value of....
the buildings, and sky scrapers
that are tall, and amazing .......
the journey of having fun getting lost in
the sky ways, never having to touch the ground .....
but the party doesn't start till after 9 pm
when the drunks, smokers come out
Rome the streets and sing the truth .....
go bar hopping and tell their story
to the bar tenders
that sometimes make crappy drinks
the night life doesn't end till 3 then it's the hottel party
then a stop at your house ....
but it still doesn't compare to (NYC)
the city that never sleeps
downtown everything is better, when your in downtown ....
Is what they say ......

But (Lake Street )- Cedar- Portland -Nicolette
it's where diversity sit at the global market
the Spanish culture is big ..... Mexican food, Art
getting a taste of different backgrounds....
where hoodlums, and paper gangsters,
Rome the streets at night ........
where soccer players play till the
street lights come on .......
and the traffic jam is big on the weakens
where the police Cruz's around
stopping those who can't drive
Cruz they end up on lake street
where the art sits and the beat boxing poets rise
and the rhymes flow, put together like Dow .......
told by the street kids .....who once had a dream.
and still have a dream.....

But the party doesn't end there ......
( University Ave) - Dinky town - U of M
where sex, drugs, and rock en roll sit
but it's everywhere to be found too?
old hot roads,cars Cruz the streets
where underground rock bands play?
and house bands play live .....
where college kids throw down
house parties full of beer .....but are not fans of (PATRON)
but become champs of (beer pong )-an ( sex games )
where CAP*, BA*E, ZA*E hasting fraternitys
out throw the party, bash of the year ......
where punks Cruz the streets......
honk there horns after a Friday night football game ....
drink to the homerun hitters, boo to the rookies playing ?
and party till the next day .....
where smart kids hit the books
come undone with one drink ?
and cute, hot guys want it bad ......
and girls secretly want it too ?
the seasons and summer nights
that wont go away .......
where dreams flow by, as time rolls
by and the years in school do too......

south mpls fun drama
drama ......

Monday, July 20, 2009


In to deep into her dreams
dreaming about that shiny star,
dream lover?
looking for him in all the wrong places?
dreaming her nights alone?
with no dream lover or a great love
to call her own ?

where could he be ?
on the other side of the ocean ? in space, on the moon,
or on the other side of the world ?
for just one kiss and a thing called love ?
she's looking everywhere , but he's nowhere to be found .....

the poet that will dance with her
under the full moon ? in the pouring rain ?
hold her tight through the night,
keep her silk sheets, bed warm ...
love her unconditionally with his heart open
tuck her in at night, softly tuck her hair back behind her ears?
sing to her a sweet lullaby ?
give her a zillion kisses till she falls asleep .....
cuddle next to her through the night ......
mend her wounds deep cuts ?
look her in her brown eyes say a zillion things
" I love you " without saying a word ....
take her hand in his, cruel his fingers in hers
and never let go ?
blow a million kisses to her
one for everyday of the week ? every sec that she is gone....
fall deep into her eyes, buy her the stars, moon
and the hole world .....

where could he be ?
the other half of her heart her soul ......
white knight, prince charming, perfect toad, poet......
but he's still nowhere to be found .....
so waiting for the fates, to send him, her way on her path
because one day......
walking the same line, road of life, at the same time- place and moment
they shell meet .....and one day
she can say that she found her golden star, that shin's so bright in the sky.....
as they say serendipity, destiny, magic collie.......
that make something wonderful ..........out of nothing?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

38th street

When your feeling who you are
how do you feel ?
when the stars don't shine and your life is where it is
how do you feel?
when everything is still and the days, years are yours
how do you feel?
when summer, fall, winter, atom and spring roll by
how do you feel?
the silence becomes the truth, and you can't feel your faith, soul
because it's smothered, cramped, splatted on the wall
with life's sorrow, pain? cold truth that you can't see?
but some how you have to light up, like you have a choice?
find a map draw a thick line to your destination .....
vanish from the earth, with a sweet lullaby ....
because every end has a new beginning in life ?
so wake up to the sunrise? the sun in the blue sky.....
and morning coffee, pure black coffee beans; that grow on amazing trees ?
ride the ocean waves with no fear, go down with the sunset?
just live in the moment, because the world is at your feet ?
like a perfect strawberries pie, apple pie- on a hot summer day.....
everything's going to be alright ....you feel how you feel inside
and one day you will be able to fly so high.....lessons learned along the way.....
the street endless, left and right back and forth
a crossroads ? the past, present intertwined
good and bad memories ......red lights and green lights?
maybe it's just all a dream, and nightmares come out,
the good times come out, but it's time to let go
with a dab of magic dust, blowing everywhere
maybe things will change turn into something amazing .........