Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Sunday, July 11, 2010

*** THE ART of LIFE ***

Her heart full of air
ready to pop like a balloon
the art of conversation
the art of a smile
under the table or covers
but always under the bed
one day she will realize
her days will be marked off
as a done list
almost like a homework assignment
that your suppose to be
paying attention too?

A moment ....
A laugh, A cry ....
A song, A book ....
beautiful dreams ....
perfect scores ....
but loneliness will catch up
so break it Down
to the life you SEE
the magic tricks for the SOUL- HEART
perfect blue ocean waves ......

But naked TREES
can sing to Her
if she listens ......
the MOON
can guide her way?
can give her wisdom
So give her a
wise woman's ears
so she can hear the things
she's been missing
Give her a pare of EYES
so she can SEE
all the things she's been missing
Give her a HEAT and SOUL
so she can FEEL ......
A pare of shoes
to walk the path of LIFE.......