Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Friday, October 11, 2013


Lp says LLaslin
The day she saw him, and crossed his path
  And sunk in his name in, socked in his face
She fell 4 him so hard an let him in....
Let down her walls, of insecurities....
   The day he robbed a bitter, sweet
     Imperfect, perfect, long an wet
     Kiss from her soft lips
Looked her in the eyes, an created a spark
     That moved and gravitated her heart, 2the light

She died the day....
   She crawled into his angel
    Mesmerizing, dazzling, sparkling,
     Glowing, brown eyes
      Tasted the corner, of his perfect lips
      With every kiss like sweet, honey, chocolate
      She died that day inside, just a little...

 She died the day...
   She trusted him with her heart....
   As she slipped into his soft bed sheets
   On a cold winter day...
    And gave him all of her, with every kiss
       Touching his beautiful mocha skin
              And falling for him
      Even a small peace of her heart
     She died the day....
     He made his way to her heart, head, dreams

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


 Besties one of a kind
Like a lucky quarter 
But so different like a lucky quarter....

Six inch heels long dark gorgeous hair 
Hates the attention secretly loves the fiasco
Of adventure, has been there done that...
Beautiful make up covering up 
       The real her who she really is...
Dark eye shadow lip gloss...
Has enough 2smile, but is still looking 4more 
A mysterious sex goddess, under cover 
Breaking walls down, touching hearts
Reaching 4 the sky always..... 

The other side of the quarter....
Short hair,flats an no make up 
Dreaming of trouble, having it all
Making a crazy mess, getting an attitude 
But still looking 4 more....
Secretly loving the attention, an hates the fiasco...
Awkward, goofy,empty, weird, boring, kind, 
   Sweet on the T....
Nowhere near being a sex goddess 
Dreaming of an exit out of a box 
   Of sharp objects....
But still besties, will be besties 
Like a lucky quarter 
Who knows how or why?and who cares 
 For ( S.S- and L.V)