Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Saturday, June 15, 2013


    She died inside the second
           the day she met Him

    She died inside a little
      the day she kissed Him
     let him IN
       Now wishes she never met him

     She fought 4 them from day 1
       He doubted them from day 1
   Before the sparks, electrcity, started

    He didnt let her IN...
      let her heal all his wounds, cuts
    wear his hat, let her love him

    She waited for him 2 take control
   and he shut it down, before it they started
 he used her led her on
    and she was the stupid one to blame
and the only one
       that got hurt in the ednd

  He was trouble the day she fell 4 him
  he ate a pice of her heart
     an now forever more will never be the same

   Dont know what to think, she couldnt
  keep a hold of him, he slipped away
     in to thin air....
  can't explin, what can't be explained
know is left heal, her own HEART.....
 and wonder why, what hapened ?
  a lesson learned in the end

   "No one will ever know anyone"