Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


They are there to tell her good things?
when she has guy trouble, they are there to say ?
"that if he's not into you 4 everything?
if he can't see how beautiful you are ?
what an amazing person, girl you are ?
then he's a worthless shit?- not 4 you Hun"....
they're more then the women, she is ....
they're more then, the man he will ever be?
they are gay.......those are
Her boo's, babe's, Love's and friends ......
cute, hot, funny, smart, amazing
with a tab bit of fashion, glam living lifestyle...
they are truly there as Friends
picking up midnight phone calls
about love, the future, the past
and anything she wishes to talk about
just listening .....to her
putting up with her nagging about life
taking her out 4 a hell of a ride, a good time?
when her world is upside down ?
wiping here tears away .......
helping her put on here make up ?
Hugging and kissing her in a gay way?
almost turned on, if they weren't GAY
the perfect guy they would be
if they were rolled into 1?
her sex curiosity, kinkiness coming out .....
turned on by gay porn a little, 2 guys f-ing
wild sex fantasies 3 gays and a girl
all night long .....
but still straight in every way
looking 4 Mr. Right ......ha
so it's 3 gays and a girl, good times
now and 4ever and always .......
they should be good friends ...
life is, and always is around them ....
they have the vibe.......that lights her
heart in the dark ....she loves them
like brothers ....

Thursday, January 7, 2010


As her bare feet, touched the ice cold kitchen tile floor?
she gets a chill remembering him?
his soft,warm brown eyes, sweet candy lips, coffee, clown
Kringle smile, warm tight hugs. the smell of his shower gel,
cologne like light ocean breeze, his poetic words?
that came like a perfect, soft melody, whisper in her ear?
goose bumps on her arms, thinking about him......
why he didn't wait 4 her? he ran away, went his own way?
never came back? gave up on her..........
Even though she was lost, at a young age,
so was he? but he loved her. He was in 4 everything?
he wanted her to be his girl?
mend all his wounds with warm soft kisses?
live in him, walk with him hand in hand ?
ware his ring?
but she said no, so soft, sweet trying not to hurt him?
that she couldn't because it was complicated ?
She needed to say, all that she needed to say ?
Do all that she needed to do?
Be all that she needed to be ?
Find a perfect side of herself ...
find herself alone, without him, on her own ?
Grow up?
But he never waited 4 her ?
finding anther girl that wasn't good 4 him ?
they grew old, and apart, losing a friendship
with the years that came?
she found herself, and was happy with it ?
becoming everything good she wanted to be ?
but he fell deeper into the ground, never grew up?
got lost some more, did drugs, joined a gang,
got in deep with the law?
he disappeared into thin air? No phone calls?
No letters, No post cards?
He never waited for her? But how could he?
when she pushed him away, when he wanted
A friendship, love, and Her?
So one day, she realized she loved him, as much as he loved her ?
a little to late.....
another sad hurtful regret, pieces of her heart?
shattered like broken glass...
all over the kitchen floor, made out of cold Ice ....?
frozen tear drops, the past
So much time has gone by, nothing can be fixed anymore?
She can only let go? and move on, with her life?