Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Friday, November 19, 2010

~ November Without Him ~

 As the naked Trees
throw their last leaves
November without him
will never be the same
as the days get colder and shorter
the wind blows away the leaves
and the the thoughts
    of the good Times
will still stick like glue
November without him
will never be the same

I'm buggin for him
maybe I have to walk
on the wrong side of the street
be at the wrong place at the wrong Time
make random choices and maybe we'll
   Meet one day .....
and destiny will happen out of the blue
as if it was meant to be
   all along from the beginning

White horses and the Tree of life
under the earth, sun and moon
at the end of the line, earth
his eyes shine like the stars
but every time I call
he's never there .....
every time I look for him
he's gone......
only in my dreams he's there ...
the sky is gray the hours are long
missing him ...
November without him, will never be the same

It's like the rain crying
November without him
is like calling the moon
to fix my heart
it's like slowly dieing inside .........