Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Thursday, June 24, 2010

* * * THE WISDOM TREE * * *

In all the words she said
I didn't forget her
laughter and vibe
that led me on an amazing,
extraordinary, mysterious path
of Goodness that was unexplained

In all the things she taught us
I didn't forget her eyes, face
her teaching wisdom,
lessons of life
they wont go away?
 they are
still here after all these years
like a perfect melody,
playing over and over
spinning around an around
in my head
her golden words projecting
on my wall like an old movie
breaking my little heart with goodness
sadness of the good times ...

without saying a word her eyes
had a story to tell
and every story she told
had a meaning a lesson to learn
in the end but getting her to smile
laugh wasn't that hard ...

who was she?
an angel
like a mysterious willy wanka
chocolate factory teacher
an extraordinary teacher of life ...
she walked into my life
that was falling apart
for a reason that I will never know ?
or why ?
that will take a lifetime
to fig er out
I walked into that (Time Traveling) classroom
as a little girl
left that classroom
4 years later smarter, wiser,
faithful, hopeful
as a grown lady
but not yet a woman
I could never thank her enough
One of her dear students ......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The magical window is open
and another love story is told
she's all about him
he's all about her
they are all about each other
but from the corner of her eye
he something extraordinary, amazing
that can't be explained
in her sweet dreams he's
the one
touching her heart, soul
falling in love with her
he's like summer
so beautiful.......
like the summer clouds
blue ocean waves
like magic .......

but she only wants to
give him love pure love
destiny is playing it's part
but he's like summer
summer love up lifting
like the wind, beautiful
nature .....
like butterflies, watermelons, mango's
strawberry pies
like the crystal rainbow fishes
in the blue ocean sea ....
the wisdom TREES

The drum beat of her heart
cries like a wolf a silent tree
but pure love is what will
holds them together
through the thick and thin
nothing Else while the world
but she wants to love him
like summer
cuz he's just like summer
warm and sweet
kind and loving
chocolate cookies, Carmel apples
Cotton candy, sweet popcorn
hot and everthing in between....
like the bright stars at night
the moon made of cheese