Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What am I afraid of?
    the world...
         not living up 2 their expectations
failing not being the best, number 1
   that I can only do so much
not calculating life mathematically
           perfect ....

My own insecurities
   and thoughts that live in the
corner of my mind ....
that haunt my sweet dreams
          at night
so whats stopping me
from getting to point
    B from point A
is it all mentally, psychological
       in my head ?

What am I afraid of ?
  is it the future that was never
     part of my major plan, dream.....
not caring, drowning in mistakes
  swimming and getting nowhere?
what am I afraid of ....
     running in a circle and starting
back at square 1 and not
Is it that I am afraid of my own
that looks back at me
all the things I didn't do
      should have done,
am I AFRAID you or Me
   twisted inside can't climb my way out
what am I afraid of
 trying 2 de code this life of mine
     like decoding a guy from head 2 toe
cuz if this chic could read his mind
    he would realy dig her .....

So the math problem lives
unsolved till the end
   until the right numbers
mach and click go together
  like some perfect equation
that fell from the sky
  and has a great story 2 tell.