Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Patron, Smirnoff on ice, tipsy tipsy drunk
breaking all the rules ?
every drink she takes, she sees the world, for what it is?
puffing the magic dragon away
hitting, zipping, the bottle alone, in the dark ....
filling up the empty hole inside alone
feeling alive now ?
sharp objects ripping, through her insides
coming undone has never felt so good .....

the days she has lived? and hasn't ?
the things she didn't do ? or did do ?
they appeared like an illusion ?
flouting through the empty, mellow, silent, streets at night ......
telling her the truth ?
but she hears trees talking to her,
begging her to take another drink, of booze ....
shot after shot to the point, where tears come ?
small things become big ? if only her life could have been?

so far gone, high, stoned, drunk
that the past and the future come back to get her ?
but cars, clouds, voices are talking to her ?
but she laughs and giggles like a mad person, while the world sleeps.....
singing songs she doesn't know? dancing with life the night....
spinning around and around, mending the pain, cuts, sorrow ?
with a bottle of patron, Smirnoff and a bag of weed.....

thinking he's cute and eatable? like smooth mango lipstick ?
blue, green, eyeshadow ?
but making her way down to his "oh" making it last all night long ?
like a warm apple pie? hot bubble bath? a strawberry chocolate cake ?
with every bite an orgasm is felt, from head to toe?
intoxicated trying to hit a home run, saying no and yes ?
but somehow is still a virgin, and pressure is still on ?
and the world thinks, she's on ?
but all she knows is that she's
hungry, horny, and tired? thinking like what the fuck ?
that if maybe her life, turned out right? she could be free to be her ?
on this road called her life ........

Monday, September 14, 2009

Virgin Soul

Drink the nights away?
tears of a virgin soul ....
the darkness, sorrow in her virgin soul
filling up like smoke in a jar ......
like the snow, winter chills ?
blooming flowers, in the summer?
falling like the colorful leaves,
from the naked trees, in the fall?
falling like the gray doted
rain, a colorful rainbow?
so ease the virgin heart, soul
with hot ice
for it cannot heal with
bubbles and chocolate
but pure, warm, soft, wet, sticky
horny,virgin love.....

The pain of being very good
hurts.Depressing to a virgin
whos never gotten dirty or been bad ?
like a *itch,
where no one can see?
like burning in the oven.
like a California fire
that needs to be put out.
like a virgin candle so hot, melting.
It's like a
flower, rose garden? in the summer.
needs to be watered down, for being so dry, hot....
needs to be put out with.....
1000 sweet, honey, sugar kisses .......
needs to be touched,
rubbed down right, polished,
like a delicate, fragile
golden glass pitcher ?
in a glass frame?

A virgin soul .....
needs to be fed with
faith, hope, love
a push and a pull
day in day out
needs to be fed with?
a poet with glowing eyes
and pure,warm love .....
soft, warm, wet, kisses
and magical beauty ?
that electrifys every
inch of her ? gets her
excited when she crawls
into his loving eyes ?
and feels
the window to his amazing,
wonderful, beautiful soul ?
like chocolate on a sad day,
an orgasm at some point in life?
and mind, blowing sex on a perfect day ?
from head to toe ?
to be tasted, loved, and pleasured ?

The virgin soul needs to be
fed with
inspiration, passion, dreams,
and desire?
to keep moving on
the virgin soul is hurting,
because it's just,
living in the upside down
world ? with no love,
with life being 10x more complicated?
then its heart, and soul......