Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The silence and a record playing
    soft music like looking through
a kaleidoscope of love....
crawling into his soft glowing eyes 4 one night ....
where the light and darkness shines
touching his lips, trying 2 mend all his wounds
                 and deep scars
with kisses and a few shots of vodka
  coming undone naked letting him in
was amazing like star gazing, moonlight soul dancing...
      why couldn't she wear, his hat that's all?

But all his walls of insecurities, fears
       were hard 2 break through
feeling nothing of any emotion was to sad
hard 2 get through 2, tangled up in him
for a night in his bed naked, under his sheets
         skin 2 skin a turn on giving it to him all of her.....
and touching his heart, was something ells
        like tasting a piece of heaven an souls touching
  so why couldn't she wear his hat.....

But the only one who ended up,
     with a broken heart was her....
trying to make her way inside 2 his heart
but couldn't reach it, instead he made his way
      2 her heart, found it shattered it
a little bit, but not meaning 2
only looking for something.....
   so why couldn't she wear his hat
hold his pretty little hand in hers ....