Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What am I afraid of?
    the world...
         not living up 2 their expectations
failing not being the best, number 1
   that I can only do so much
not calculating life mathematically
           perfect ....

My own insecurities
   and thoughts that live in the
corner of my mind ....
that haunt my sweet dreams
          at night
so whats stopping me
from getting to point
    B from point A
is it all mentally, psychological
       in my head ?

What am I afraid of ?
  is it the future that was never
     part of my major plan, dream.....
not caring, drowning in mistakes
  swimming and getting nowhere?
what am I afraid of ....
     running in a circle and starting
back at square 1 and not
Is it that I am afraid of my own
that looks back at me
all the things I didn't do
      should have done,
am I AFRAID you or Me
   twisted inside can't climb my way out
what am I afraid of
 trying 2 de code this life of mine
     like decoding a guy from head 2 toe
cuz if this chic could read his mind
    he would realy dig her .....

So the math problem lives
unsolved till the end
   until the right numbers
mach and click go together
  like some perfect equation
that fell from the sky
  and has a great story 2 tell.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The poets Little Boat

If her life is hers
what should she do
she's alive and living
their has to be more to life
instead of looking for something
that's missing
but what does she do
better on her own
like owning her sexuality
with an attitude....

All she needed was love
his perfect lips
because it's only a game
you can't explain what has been
only feel so deep inside
so may the fates save
her beautiful soul
every dream inside
her soul, heart.....
Theirs a lot of shit on this earth
that can make you bleed
everything you give
everything you take from this earth
      all the shit
that can make you cry
 can make you lonely, sick, dead
like running out of sweet dreams ...
every metaphor, every word
that lives within you
is only you ...
 no one ells that can say
I wanted that bad
  More then you'll ever know.....
 Life itself yours

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Stuck in an elevator with ken Dall
baby face cu ti pie
tall and skinny but not to, tall or skinny
his Hollywood stunner shads, like cool hand Luke
his honey golden brown hair
brushed geld down perfectly, with a little spike of a mess
his sexy grungy, ruff, clean cut beard, mustache
kissable lips and perfect
sweet loveable smile

His sexy Armani shirt
with a black pea coat with a scarf
tight skinny jeans and dress shoes only the best
into guitar playing, art, music, and fast cars
like beauty and the beast, the little mermaid
loving collage, loving the boy
tough but sweet, nice but a babe
tattooed a bad ass all at once

She has to wake up, wake up
because he'll never dig her for her
she has to be the mysterious chic
with black long hair, that's in a trench coat
that looks hot and sexy
but smart, cute an more...another Cinderella fairy tale
a bad 80's song turned into
a walking fashion model, of a guy ...
only dreaming this guy up,
he's so perfect he's so shy
so why can't he see her 4 her only