Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Stuck in an elevator with ken Dall
baby face cu ti pie
tall and skinny but not to, tall or skinny
his Hollywood stunner shads, like cool hand Luke
his honey golden brown hair
brushed geld down perfectly, with a little spike of a mess
his sexy grungy, ruff, clean cut beard, mustache
kissable lips and perfect
sweet loveable smile

His sexy Armani shirt
with a black pea coat with a scarf
tight skinny jeans and dress shoes only the best
into guitar playing, art, music, and fast cars
like beauty and the beast, the little mermaid
loving collage, loving the boy
tough but sweet, nice but a babe
tattooed a bad ass all at once

She has to wake up, wake up
because he'll never dig her for her
she has to be the mysterious chic
with black long hair, that's in a trench coat
that looks hot and sexy
but smart, cute an more...another Cinderella fairy tale
a bad 80's song turned into
a walking fashion model, of a guy ...
only dreaming this guy up,
he's so perfect he's so shy
so why can't he see her 4 her only