Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Beautiful, soft, gorgeousness
  Wondering, mysterious, sparkling
 Glowing, dazzling, eyes.....
 A sex goddess a perfect moving
Picasso sex, love, painting of art
Barbie thin glamorous of a doll....

A charmed life beauty an magic tangled up
Coyote ugly sexy confidence sex goddess
Mac makeup
 Dark black blue eyeshadow
The holy grail of makeup
Mermaid drop dead gorgeousness
Sweet, kind, lovable, one of a kind
Sex goddess...

Natural soft kissable, exotic, sexy lips
A Gisele, karlie, sex goddess
Dark long light black brown hair
Cute nose, dimples and face....
Sex goddess seduction of gold
Hot, sticky, wet, dripping
Liquid wetness of a whisper
Of a sex goddess talented, believable
Truthfully poetry inside out, upside down
Inside out ...sex sex sex sex goddesses
Catered by Boyz Boyz Boyz
Sex goddess

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